Sowing New Seeds

I have never considered myself a gardener. I used to always say, “I have a brown thumb!” I’ve killed cacti from underwatering them.

But something I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes we try things at points in our lives when we don’t quite have all the knowledge or resources necessary and we fail, and then we get this idea that being a failure at That Thing is who we are as people. We suddenly believe that we cannot ever do That Thing because we simply aren’t built to.

My problem is, I’ve always been drawn to plants, flowers especially. I love them. I like to say hello and tell them how pretty they are, enjoy their fragrance (tea olive flowers especially!), feel their leaves or petals. Every time my green thumb friends post about their gardening adventures I feel a little tug of envy deep down inside. I’ve always wanted to grow things myself, especially now that I’ve jumped full-on into the Witchy Bandwagon. I’d love to grow my own ingredients for kitchen witchery and rituals and all that fun stuff. What could be more satisfying?

So, damn it, I went ahead and bought myself some seeds and container mix and some nursery planters. I’m gonna do it! I challenge the idea that I’m incapable of caring for plants. I think the only thing stopping me has been myself. I can learn this just like I’ve learned everything else: by taking one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

What about you? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do that you fully believe(d) you could never do? Would you consider challenging that belief and giving it a try anyway? I think you’d be surprised at what you’re actually capable of.

Our subconscious beliefs about ourselves are more powerful than we think. We can feed messages to ourselves that subtly (but effectively!) influence the way we behave. If you think you can never do [xyz] then you’ll develop the subconscious belief that it’s true. Then, whenever you’re presented with the opportunity to do [xyz] you won’t give it your all, leading to failure or underperformance, which reinforces the idea that you just can’t do [xyz].

The thing is, this works in the opposite direction as well. If you feed yourself the idea that you can learn anything you have a mind to learn, that becomes your subconscious belief. Then every time you have the opportunity to learn something you’ve always wanted to, you’re already armed with the willingness to do what it takes to learn. Rather than giving up you’ll be patient, determined, resourceful, and willing to do what it takes.

That’s manifestation, my friends! So go on – whatever it is, give it another try! I think you can do it.

Stay witchy, icons! All my love.


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